Re: CCsvchost.exe?

Hyl wrote:

LRF63 Wrote:
When I shut down my computer,I am getting a error message about
called CCsvchost.exc -Something that the memory could not be read.

I am new to this forum and can't seem to find a way to post a NEW
thread relevant to this Ccsvchost thing.... so here goes, maybe this
can be picked up by someone who can help.

When I shut down, I get that same message about the Ccsvchost. I
looked at the event viewer and either I don't know WHAT I'm looking
or else there isn't anything relevant to this there. It just says
that it is started up. Hmmm,

The reference numbers on the error message a
0x0144904F and 0xc6000200 memory could not be written.

You are posting to a "forum" that is a frontend for Usenet posts. I have
no idea why you can't make a new post at PCBanter. You would need to
read their Help files or contact their webmaster.

Most people access Usenet directly with a newsreader. I'll give you
links to explain/help with that at the end of this post.

Your issue is with a Norton file so you need to contact Symantec tech
support for help with their products. - Symantec tech support
- Symantec Live Chat
symantec.customerservice.general - Symantec newsgroup - forum for Symantec
products at CastleCops

About Usenet: - Basics
of Usenet - a brief
explanation of newsgroups

Using Outlook Express as Newsreader:
Accessing the MS newsgroups in Outlook Express Newsreader

How to Post: - list of MS newsgroups - MS group to test if your newsreader is
working properly - how to munge email address - multiposting vs.

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