Re: Program Locks and Controls

Ashley wrote:

I was just wondering if there was any way to "lock" programs under a
limited user account in Windows XP? I want to create an account for my
preschooler, but I want them to have access to the programs that are
for them to use, and nothing else. I would like to lock programs that
have no use to them.

Your preschooler's user account should be Limited. From your account,
edit the child's Start Menu to only show the programs to which you want
them to have access. Do this by right-clicking on the Start button and
choosing "Explore All Users".

There are definitely more complex ways of doing this and you might want
to explore how to limit your child as s/he grows older, but a
preschooler isn't going to be able to circumvent this first simple

If you don't even want him/her to have access to the Start Menu but
would rather just put a few icons on the Desktop, then look at either
MVP Doug Knox's Security Console or the MS Shared Computer Toolkit for
greater control.

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