Re: Help needed on Setting permissions for FTP

You may also want to post in the windowsxp.network_web newsgroup. The link
below may help as firewall configuration will differ depending on if active
or passive FTP is being used. If possible check your router to see if it
logs dropped traffic that can give you a clue as to what is going on. The
description of your problem leads me to believe that it is a configuration
problem with your router.


"snookie51" <snookie51@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My XP SP2 computer is connected to a Netgear router and I have set it up
run ftp service. As my ISP blocks the usual port 21, I did the following
get around it:

1. Port forwarding is created on the Router to use start port 10008 and
port 10009 (Can someone explain what these start and end ports are)

2. The FTP server is configured to use my router assigned IP address and
port 10008

3. iusr_my computer is used for anonymous login.

4. Necessary NTFS permissions are assigned to iusr on server's home

5. A new service is created in the firewall settings, viz. My FTP Server,
use internal port 10008 and external port 10008. A port entry is also
in 'Exception' to open port 10008.

When I ftp to the server using the internal IP address, I can access the
server. However, when I try to ftp using the ISP-assigned address, I
get this annoying message:

"An error occurred opening that folder on the
FTP server. Make sure you have permission to access that


Where can the problem be? My computer, router settings, what else?
I am totally out of wits. Anybody's help will be very much appreciated.

Daniel S Lee


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