Re: Removing a program, Is it safe to delete class registry keys

TPK wrote:

I want to install a new version of a program on my computer. I
uninstalled the old version of the program and tried to install the
newer version. While installing this new version I recieve several
errors, the most common was:

Application Error
The instruction at "ox00000030" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The
memory could not be written.

To that end I am cleaning out registry references for both version of
the programs to try another installation.

I have uninstalled the (failed new version installation) program and
have removed the major registry settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER and

While walking through the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT I located a number of
classes that were created by either the older program I originally
removed or the newer program I am trying to remove. Several of these
class had "duplicate" entries. The duplicate entry was appended with a

Is it safe to delete these classes from the registry?


If they are for sure from the program you uninstalled, yes. A freebie
called cccleaner might make it an easier task to sort it out.