Re: rpc doesn't work but service is loaded

I have the feeling that maybe doing a repair install off a "silver" xp cd
will fix the situation. Comments?

"andreyvul" wrote:

I made a barebones XP CD with tweaks I was too lazy to try out in VMware

Driver works fine, but I think that, because the local RPC server is
unavailable, Conrol Panel>Network Connections shows a blank. (Note: It does
not show Add a new network or something)
But, the Server service is unavailable, thereby disabling RPC server.

How do I get Server service?
(damn monolithic dependencies >:( )

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

If Control Panel network connections can not find any network connections
that would be an indication of a problem. Check Device manager to see what
it shows, if anything, for your network adapter and if there is any issue
with drivers or such.

What I was suggesting is that if your registry key for lanmanserver [server
service] is corrupt you could try to extract the original registry key for
it from the \windows\repair\system file by loading/unloading that as a
registry hive, exporting the lanmanserver key from there to a .reg file, and
then checking it to make sure that you edit the path to be the same as the
existing lanmanserver registry key in HKLM. However I would first
investigate why your network adapter is not showing in network connections.


"andreyvul" <andreyvul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Control Panel can't find any network interfaces :(
I so like the *nix /etc/*.conf system instead of the registry but still...

I have tons of registry experience from regedit to reg /s to sysinternals
registry tools to manually editing SYSTEM, SAM, NTUSER.DAT, SOFTWARE, etc.
using booting off BartPE and using a text editor and Ctrl+F.

Anyways, I need...
1) A stock Windows XP install CD
2 The registry locations

Copy which files to where?
Paste the reg key so that I can Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V it to a .reg file and reg /s
"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

Verify that file and print sharing is installed and enabled in the
properties of your network adapter. If it is not select install/service
install it. If it does show as installed try uninstalling it and then
installing it again. If none of that helps try using netsh to reset
as shown in the KB article below. If that does not help you could try to
to device manager, uninstall your network adapter, reboot and it should
install again which may fix the problem. Other possible fixes are to
navigate the registry in your windows\repair folder for the system file
export HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\lanmanserver key to a .reg
file to import into your current registry though that is something that
should NOT be attempted unless you are comfortable working with the
including how to load and unload hives and edit the .reg file [which is a
text file] to make sure it will import into the correct key as in
currentcontrolset as the copy in the repair folder will be
currentcontrolset1. I also recommend that you always first export and
registry key that you intend to modify to a .reg file before importing
..reg file so that you always can at least get back to where you were.

-- load/unload registry hive

"andreyvul" <andreyvul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The RPC service is running (set to Automatic and ">net start rpcss"),
taskkill and other stuff, I get "Error: The RPC server is unavailable."
Note: "Server" is not listed in services.msc (from googling, this might
big clue) and ">net start server" returns "The service name is
What now?