Re: Win XP Pro Encryption

I hope I can get an answer on this old post. I get errors when trying to
start a new post.

I just installed XP on a new HD. I restored my data from DVDs. It still
had the EFS on it. I have the key on another computer (that I had originally
exported/imported to that computer) so I exported/imported it to the computer
with the new HD. I get an access denied message which means the key is wrong.

1) Did I need the key in when I restored the files?

2) When I first installed XP was there a key automatically made that I
needed? When I did the import, I don't know if there was already a key
there. If so, it's not there now (I may have deleted it).

3) Do I need to use a Windows login password to make the key work. I had a
Windows login password on the old HD and on the 2nd computer.

4) When I export the key from the 2nd computer, do I need the "original"
password I used when I imported it last year?

Thanks for any help you can give. I thought I did everything right, but it
won't work.

PS, I tried the efsinfo.exe command, but it says I'm denied.


"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

You can certainly give out the name of any legitimate software that you
found helpful and even provide a link for it. Congrats on recovering your
files. Depending on how EFS was implemented and the application that created
the files there may be clear text copies that can be recovered. That is why
Microsoft does not suggest encrypting individual files and using cipher /w
before logging off . --- Steve

"Gerryw" <Gerryw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi to all who posted a reply to my problem. I thank you very much.

As you all know, I could not get round the encryption problem but finally
found a solution by purchasing and using a small program that lets you
retrieve lost files from hds that have been reformatted, corrupted etc but
have not had any new data written to it.

I successfully retrieved all the files from the hd using this program.

Anybody wanting to know about this program please contact me (as I'm not
sure that I can give out the name of this software online)?

Regards, Gerryw.

"Gerryw" wrote:

Hi all,
My machine (AMD 64 3000+, ASUS K8V SE Deluxe M/B, 1.5gb DDR 3200 mem, ATI
Radeon 9600 and 2 Maxtor HDs 160 SATA & 80 ATA133) was starting to slow
quite a bit and I finally decide to get rid off all the accumulated
and do a complete reinstall of Win XP pro.

The problem is that after reinstalling XP Pro/SP2 (not a repair) and
reinstalled the programs that I needed I found that I was unable to
access my
DATA folder which I had encrypted for security reasons.

Can anybody let me know why this has happened? The Win XP Pro/SP2 my
settings and the other programs are all the same as before so why can't I
access my files?

Help is wanted URGENTLY,
Thanks for your help