Re: Disable File Save on Desktop...

Hello Malke,
Installing this tool will make the C:\ drive NTFS instead of FAT32.
Since mine is an office PC, I cannot do this. Is there some other
method toget this done? Pls let know.


Malke wrote:
Suj wrote:

I use a PC (Win XP SP2) which is the only one in my work area to have
a net connection. So, it is used by most of my colleagues.

I have created two profiles on my PC, one under the "User" group for
my colleagues and a second with admin rights for myself.

The problem is that my colleagues save most of their files on the
desktop as a result of which the disk space in C:\ reduces
drastically. Then I have to manually delete the files everytime, which
is a very painful task.

Can I disable the file saving for this profile only so that they
cannot save it on the desktop and instead save it in a folder in the
D:\ drive, which I will create later?

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