Re: Getting the new-style Start menu back again

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Tim Wiser <TimWiser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
Until now we've been using the Windows 2000 style Start menu on our XP
machines. Mainly from a training perspecrtive, our users found it more
familiar when we upgraded them to XP. I set the "Force Classic Start
Menu" group policy and set the classic theme on the staff GPO and all
was well.

Anyway, the time's come to switch to the new Luna theme and new-style
Start menu. Again, through GP I've set the Luna theme (which applies
successfuilly) but setting the "Force Classic Start Menu" item to be
"Disabled" isn't restoring the new Start menu. It just allows people
to manually change between the two, which isn't what I want.

Anyone come across this, or know how to fix it?

Run rsop.msc and look for errors - and I'd suggest you post this in, as the issue is really with the GPO
being applied properly.

Personally, I will stick with the classic interface - I can't stand that
Fisher Price resource-hogging junk! I turn off pretty much all the XP
interface stuff via GPO. That's just me, of course.