RE: Server Service stops on its own

Kagonos wrote:

I'm looking for help in the right place here aren't I? I mean, It's
Windows XP I'm running and this IS the Microsoft TechNet forums. Has
anyone even seen this yet? I posted it 3 days ago. Linux forums get
back to you in under an hour...

Actually, this isn't the TechNet forum AFAIK. It's a public MS newsgroup
hosted on MS servers. I know that TechNet has "managed newsgroups" but
this isn't one of them. Or maybe they show up in this ng regularly and
use it as a "managed newsgroup". While some pretty awesomely skilled
server and security people (of whom I am not one) show up here
regularly, they are all volunteers with Real Lives(tm) and not MS
employees. If you're in a hurry:

1. Post in the right newsgroup
2. Call MS tech support - surely your company has a support contract
3. Call in an outside expert to come on-site and take a look. There is
no shame in having outside help - more eyes, more ideas.

As for mentioning "the Linux newgroups", that's a little broad since you
didn't mention *which* group or *which* distro. But if you want to come
over to the Dark Side, then knock yourself out.

As for your problem, I'd make really really sure the machine was clean
(you didn't say how you tested and I'm not interested in getting into
this thread with you). Here's a link to general virus/malware removal

If you didn't go through similar procedures, you don't know if the
machine is clean.

Look at Scheduled Tasks on that box, power management on the NIC
(unlikely to be the culprit but t-shooting has to be methodical),
scripts gone wild, sharing quotas set, and the inbound concurrent
connections limitation since apparently a server OS isn't involved. - Inbound connections limit in

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