Re: Security Policies

M. Neves wrote:

Before anything else, thank you for your help.
I did what you suggest and it woks 90%.
Now, my computer is working better, but I can't yet change the
definitions of my desktop as, for example, the image of background. I
can't neither do 3 priority updates of Windows, because it apeears a
message saying that it's not possible install the updates and that
I've to reboot the computer. I made some updates in the anti virus,
but there are some that I can't do, because the system doesn't install
it. Have you some suggestions for this.
Once more, thanks.

Your computer is probably still not clean. Go through the Smitfraud
removal steps:

After you've done that, post back with results. If you still have errors
then you need to quote the full text of the error messages and be very
precise about what updates, etc.

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