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Hi there, i am wondering if there is a way of disabling the ability to

1 - deleate files of any type,
2 - "empty recycle bin"

i have a flat mate who uses my computer, and he has his own , very
limited account on my desktop. I want to teach him a lesson about
downloading and installing crap on my computer. so is there a way of
me stopping him deleating files? or stopping him emptying the recycle

any help would be appretiated....and would also be entertaining to
watch him when i do it and he tries deleating crap before i find it :D

If your flatmate is doing something you don't like, on your computer, stop
him from using it, outright. Disable his account, make sure you've got a
good password on your account(s), including the built-in administrator
account, and set a BIOS password on the computer, and lock the chassis so
nobody can open it. And put the computer somewhere where he can't easily get
at it. Full stop.

The other options you have are to make him a limited account, not an admin
(and follow all the above steps other than disabling his account) and
looking at something like the Shared Computer Toolkit (google it -
downloadable from MS). This may help somewhat.....

However, as a wise man said, "There are seldom good technological solutions
to behavioral problems," and if he can't abide by your rules, simply take
the toys away from him. He can get his own computer if he needs one.