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andreas wrote:

Dear Everybody,

For some reason I cannot activate Windows firewall. I have installed
SP2 for XP and I go to the Security center icon in the control panel
and I notice that the Firewall section is turned to 'OFF'. I then
click on the 'recommendations' exactly under and a pop-up come out
asking me to 'enable' Windows firewall. Doing this results in another
pop-up saying:

'We're sorry. The security center could not turn on Windows Firewall.
To try turning on the firewall yourself, go to Windows Firewall in the
Control Panel. In the Windows Firewall dialog General tab, select on
(recommended), and then click OK.'

I then do exactly that and discover that all possible selections are
turned off (colour grey). This way I cannot activate the firewall.

Do you have an antivirus with a firewall component or a third-party
security suite installed? Examples are Norton and McAfee. If this is
the case, those third-party products have disabled the Windows Firewall
in favor of their own. This is fine.

If you don't have anything installed like that, was the computer
completely virus/malware-free when you installed SP2? Be sure the
machine is clean:

Aside from that, here are some links to help you troubleshoot the WF:

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Troubleshooting Windows Firewall in XPSP2 -

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