Re: Confirm SP2 installed

Michael, I don't think the requirements are as stringent as you are making
them out to be. They just want to know if Sp2 is installed on an XP box.
Sure, you could find something to break any one of these methods, but
remember that we're only talking about one SP, one OS, and likely one
language. And since he said he wasn't a programmer, I offered alternatives
that met the basic capabilities they had.

Having said that, I always enjoy doing a little extra analysis:

In my judgment there's no point in performing what he calls an "integrity"
check if it's going to fail or provide erroneous results. Why even go
through the exercise if you can't trust the outcome. The methods you
suggested are potentially problematic or otherwise hacks. They're bound to
fail because there really is no clean way to do it without turning to an
official API (assuming MSFT can't offer some official alternative which is
unlikely). I can all but guarantee he's going to have more problems in the
long term by not going through official channels. That includes irritated
users if they can't connect or otherwise complain about software requiring
unacceptable security rights on their home computers (and then of course his
boss complaining about the substandard methods he adopted).