Administrator account problems?

G'day. XP Pro with all the patches and SP 2

IE 7 RC1

I've noted this behaviour lately.

PC is used by multiple users. I'm administrator level.

Some years ago I moved everyones Temporary internet cache directory to
D:\User files\<name>\Temporary Internet Files

Not sure when this started, but:

1: no structure for anyones internet cache (all browsing gets dumped
in IE cache folder, without subfolders)

2: If I want to browse anyones IE cache, it merely shows the same
files as my own folder. IE not their folder. I used to be able to look
in other users IE folder.

3: log in as another user, browse web, and look in the IE cache, look
in another users IE cache, and it's the same as the person you are
logged in as.

Seems like a security issue, but I'm not sure.

While I can use tabbed browsing in my login, at least one other user
(son) cannot use tabbed browsing and gets thrown out of IE when he
tries to do so. When I had this issue, I just deleted everything in
*my* IE cache folders.

So, any ideas?

Especially how to fix it?

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