Re: "Access is Denied" messages to My Documents

Rick Hole <Rick.Hole.2f6oc8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Previously, WinXP SP2 on drive C, several folders including
My Documents on hard drive D.
System crash on C drive. Lowlevel format and reload WinXP
on C drive. Now I can access the D drive files and folders
EXCEPT for the My Documents folder for which I get the
message "Access is Denied" when I click to open it.

I am logged on as an administrator. Thinking that this is a
permissions issue (previous to reload this administrator
user settings to keep files hidden from other users), I have
attempted to take ownership. From Properties I do not get
the Security tab at all.

What can I do to get my data back!!

Rick Hole

In order to access the Security tab you have to disable Simple
File Sharing if you're running XP Professional. If you're
running XP Home Edition, you'll have to start the computer in
Safe Mode. Take a look at these articles for more info:

How to disable simplified sharing and set permissions on a
shared folder in Windows XP

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP;en-us;308421

"Access is Denied" Error Message When You Try to Open a Folder

Note: If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you
must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an
account that has Administrative rights to have access to the
Security tab. To start in Safe Mode, reboot your computer and
start tapping the F8 key as soon as you see anything displayed
on the screen. Keep hitting F8 until the Advanced Startup
Options menu appears. Use the up and down arrow keys on your
keyboard to select Safe Mode. Hit Enter.

Good luck