Re: Running Add/Remove Programs with Administrative Rights

I don't think you can do what you want. Why not just logon as a local
administrator to uninstall the software. That is the usual procedure.


"Chris Briant" <cbriant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Is there a way to run the Add / Remove programs applet in Windows XP with
administrative privileges. I have tried entering runas /user:administrator
appwiz.cpl from command prompt, but it won't run.

Where I work, our users are prevented from having administrative rights on
the computers. This becomes a problem when software needs to be removed as
it requires adding the user to the administrators group, asking for their
password, re-logging on to the computer, installing the software, testing
that it works, removing the user from the local admins and then re-logging
on. I would appreciate it if there was a way that I could run appwiz.cpl
with my privileges or local admin rights to remove programs as this would
save a lot of effort and look more professional. There are so many
applications which require full admin rights to be uninstalled.



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