Re: recover encrypted files

You will need the password unless you had configured a Recovery Agent which
would be shown in the advanced properties for the EFS file and have access
to the RA certificate/private key or you have backed up your EFS
certificate/private key used for that EFS file to a password protected .pfx
file that you could import onto that computer. If you can not do that the
file is unrecoverable. It is also a good idea to keep clear text backups of
your EFS files stored in a safe place though I know that does not help you
now. I wish I had better news.

Steve;EN-US;223316 --- EFS
best practices

"babak via" <u21771@uwe> wrote in message
2 years ago , I have encrypted a secret file with BABAK user. In every 1
mounth 1 have changed my password and now i have forgoten that password ,
when I encrypt my file. What can i do to recover my file ?
thnx for your time..

babak fruzanfar
Microsoft Certified Professional

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