Re: Deny users the right to move folders and files?

Move is a copy and delete action so you can do that by giving the user deny
permission for delete folders and or files but most likely that will cause
other problems in that users usually need to delete at least files. More
training and reminders may be a better solution and also using search to
find the files/folders by filename or extension.


"LaurenM3335" <LaurenM3335@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm wondering if there is a way to deny users the ability to move folders
files in and out of My Documents, etc. I'm having a problem with users
getting a little "click happy" and they accidentally move files so neither
they, nor the programs that use them, can find them. Is there some sort
gpo to prevent this, or maybe something I can do at the local machine?
files aren't necessarily shared files...just local files.