Re: My limited user is not so limited

Vanguard wrote:

Any program that installs its files in YOUR profile path
(%userprofile%) will install okay because that path has you as the
owner with permissions for writing.

Then in what sense does running as a limited user (instead of admin or
root) make me so amazingly secure like I've read? I thought it was
supposed to basically let me run stuff I already have installed, surf
the net, write Word docs, look at photos, but not really install
anything (inadvertently *or* intentionally)?

Besides, doesn't my now "limited" user already sort of own most of the
folders on the drive, since it *used* to be the head admin account and
was responsible for creating and installing most of the stuff I have?
Do I have to go make *another* limited account and somehow transfer all
my docs and photos to *him*? What a pain!!


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