Re: Software defying removal

Don wrote:
In my c:\Program Files\ I have an entry Enigma Software Group. When I
select this entry no files are shown. When I check the properties I
am told there are 0 bytes in this folder and the folder is read only.
If I try to reset the folder to eliminate the read only attribute I
can not. There is no entry in the Control Panel add/remove for this
software. I have looked at the registry entries for this item and
one is found with C:\Program Files\Enigma Software
Group\SpyHunter\Uninstall.exe with the value data as 1. This is in the
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs. I do not
have any SpyHunter entry in the add/remove programs.

What is this software? What good is it, if any? There seems to be
conflicting messages when a search is made for this title. What does
the value data of 1 mean to the inability to remove this software? What
can I do to remove this software? How can I do it manually? Will it
remove without causing further problems? It was found by
SpyBot but was not removed. Have I asked enough questions? Are
there any I should have asked? IS the vendor for Spyhunter, so at one time
or another it must have been installed on your computer. It's possible you
could have unknowingly installed Spyhunter as part of a different software
pack if you weren't careful, or even that it came installed on the computer.
The website has a Product link, but the only product they seem to have is
that one spyhunter.

A couple things come to mind:

-- See if you can rename the folder. If so, try deleting the renamed
folder. If you can't,
-- Go into Safe Mode and try to delete it from there. To get into Safe
Mode, press F8 repeatedly as the boot starts and you'll be taken to a menu
of choices where you can select Safe Mode. If you can't delete it from
-- you'll almost certainly be able to delete it from a Command prompt but
rather than get into that, try the options above first. If your efforts
fail to delete it, come back and explain what you've done and what happened,
complete with any error messages.

As for the folder being marked Read Only, that's true, BUT it's a DIFFERENT
kind of Read Only and not meant for you, the user.
You can not change the Read Only attribute of a FOLDER. You can only
change it on FILES. Read Only on a file will not keep you from deleting it,
either. You'll get a message saying it's read only and asking if you're
sure you want to delete it, but that's the only difference.

Since that folder shows 0 bytes in the properties, it is empty and therefore
there is nothing in it. That says that the folder is simply left over from
a previous install/remove of the Spyhunter program and isn't hurting
anything and isn't doing anything. So, you could really just ignore it and
not suffer any problems. It's not software; it's just a folder.