Re: Updates Installing without My Permission

Bruce <parcxman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If go to the Windows Update site, I'm told I have to first install
Windows Genuine Activation. I really don't want to do that because of
the problems I've heard about it. Is it fixed yet?

WGA has to be installed in order to *manually* get to the Microsoft
Update site. However automatic update, for critical updates only,
will still work even if WGA is not installed.

It's getting rediculous how many patches Microsoft puts out. I think
it's about time to put out SP3.

Check the record for any other operating system and you will find as
many, if not more.

I looked at a website for one Linux distro (FreeBSD I think it was)
and they listed over 19 different versions of their product, each with
its own set of updates and patches.

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