Re: Errors in event viewer

This is the official Microsoft description of DCOM:

"The Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) is a protocol that enables
software components to communicate directly over a network in a reliable,
secure, and efficient manner. Previously called "Network OLE," DCOM is
designed for use across multiple network transports, including Internet
protocols such as HTTP. DCOM is based on the Open Software Foundation's
DCE-RPC spec and will work with both Java applets and ActiveX® components
through its use of the Component Object Model (COM)."

Hope this helps. Let us know.

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Kobus <Kobus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:
I have all these errors in my event viewer under system. It says the
source is DCOM
the error logs says the following: DCOM was unable to communicate with the
computer PC1 using any of the configured protocols.
I would just like to know what DCOM is.