Re: "Classic logon" screen in XP does not remeber the user name


I don't know if you would be wiling, but I have a question posted in the
Configuration and Management section that no one has answered. If you would
consider giving me some help on this issue, it would be appreciated. If you
don't, that's fine, just say so. Here goes:

I have decided to create a new user profile (with administrator rights) and
not use the default (Administrator) user profile, as a precaution to not mess
up my good Administrator profile.

So.....I copied the profile from the "Administrator" to the new user account
that has administrator rights. It copied just fine. When I logged in
under the new profile, I was expecting everything to look the same, and that
the installed programs would work, etc. As it turns out, only about 1/2 of
the icons transfered over, and many of the installed programs like Microsoft
Office, etc, are not installed in the new profile, although some of the icons
show up.

Any thoughts on how I could do this again? The copy took about 15 minutes,
but it did finish with no reported errors. Maybe what I am trying to
accomplish can't be done?

Thanks for any help that you can give.

John N

John N

"John N" wrote:

Hi Steven:

Thanks for your reply. Usually I get automatic notificaton of your
responses, and this time I did not, so I am sorry that there has been a few
days lapse here. I probably forgot to mark the "Notify me of replies" box
last time.

I checked the setting you mentioned, and it does not appear that is the
problem, as there was no check in that box at all. When I am at the server,
and log onto a workstation, that workstation immediately goes to a locked
login screen. During that time, you can work from the server and access that
workstation, but you cannot have a person on the server and a person on the
workstation at the same time. I assumed that you could have concurrent usage
like you can in PCAnywhere, but it does not appear to be the case with Remote
Desktop. So perhaps, there is no problem at all, but just the way it is
designed to work.

Thanks again for your help.

John N

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

The screensaver is probably configured to lock the computer after a period
of idle time as a security measure if a user did not manually lock the
computer using Control-Alt-Delete - lock computer. Try going to Control
Panel/display - screen saver and uncheck "on resume password protect".


"John N" <JohnN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Once again, your suggestions worked just fine. Thanks.

As a follow up, after I logged onto the workstation from the server, and
then logged off, I went to the workstation. There was a message on it
the workstation was locked and could only be unlocked by the
This message however, does not show up on the server when I log onto the
server from my home. So there must be a setting that I could change so my
workstation does not "lock".

Again, any help you could give would be most appreciated.

John N
John N

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

Hi John.

To access a computer via RDP you need the user right for allow logon
Terminal Services on the computer you are trying to access. Try adding
user account to the Remote Desktop Users group which should show as being
included for the user right for allow logon through terminal services.
could also try adding your user account to that user right. Note that
user right have a corresponding "deny" user right and these override an
"allow" user right so make sure that there are no users/groups listed in
deny logon through Terminal Services that could be causing you to get
message. When you are done configuring Local Security Policy run the
gpupdate /force on your server.


"John N" <JohnN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Steven:

Thank you very much, your suggestion worked just fine. In retrospect,
think that I turned changed that feature myself, and didn't know that
be the subsequent result. I was trying to configure a remote desktop
connection. Would you be willing to help me with that, since you seem
know about the "interactive" features?

If so, here goes.

I have a home computer and connect to my office computer via "Remote
Desktop". My office computer is a server, and it manages about 6
workstations. What I was trying to do, was to connect to the office
and then, activate the "Remote Desktop" on the server, to get to the
workstations. I almost made it, as I get to the login screen of the
workstation, but when I try to login, it gives me the error,

"Local security policy does not allow interactive login on this

So that is why I was working with the "interactive" settings in the
policy, which I then turned off the feature to retain the last used
login name.

If you have any ideas about how to get past my security policy not
the interactice login, I would appreciate it.

Best regards

John N
John N

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

There is a setting in security policy that controls that. You can open
Security Policy via secpol.msc and go to local policies/security
options -
interactive logon: do not display last user name. If you set that to
disabled you should se the last logon name again. If you can not
setting that means it is being enforced by a domain level Group


"John N" <JohnN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am using Windows XP Pro SP2. My workstation is part of a local
the Administrator "user name" is password protected. I use the

When I boot my computer or change users, it comes back up with a
Windows" screen, asking for a user name and a password. In the
user name of "Administrator" would be remembered, and all I would
is type in the password, and continue. Now, it does not remember
name, and the user name and password fields are both blank.

I would like to get back to it retaining the user name last used.

The only thing I have done with my computer recently, is I tried to
VPN connection, which I could not get to work. So perhaps it might
something with that?

Thanks for any help you can give.
John N


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