Prevent access to Wireless Network Setup Wizard

Domain = Windows 2K
Clients = Windows XP SP2

We are just about to introduce Wireless networking (802.11a) in our
organisation and I want to prevent "normal" users from running the
Wireless Network Setup Wizard on school notebooks. This is a facility
that only administrators should run

Usually if I just want to prevent access to a feature of Windows
(XP/SP2 clients) I run xcacls and give "students" "no rights" to the
appropriate executable or file. I also use Windows Policies to great
effect but some of the usage will involve "standalone" logins - not
authenticated against the domain.

However I can't seem to find the executable to block. Can anyone
enlighten me?

And in answer to the expected questions, yes we will be using other
forms of security on the WLAN. I just don't want students mucking
around with stuff on school notebooks