Re: How to determine if MailSlots are enabled


Download and run Filemon from Sysinternals :

Named Pipes and Mail Slots

Starting in version 4.1 FileMon is able to monitor named pipe and mail slot file system activity on Windows NT/2K. Named pipes are commonly used as a communications mechanism in NT/Win2K by core subsystems like the Local Security Authority Subsystem (LSASS), and are used by DCOM. They are also used by network components such as the Browser service. To see named pipe activity with FileMon select Named Pipes in the Drives menu and perform an operation on a shared network resource, or open an application
such as Regedt32 that interacts with the security subsystem.

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Scott Lester wrote:

According to the MS06-035 documentation MailSlots are not enabled by default on Windows XP SP2 workstations. How do you determine if they are enable or disabled?

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