Re: My computer is left in ruins after a virus attack - help

Ultimately as others have advised you may need to a pristine install of the
operating system. If you have not done so yet be sure to scan for malware
and spyware in Safe Mode also. It would also be a good idea to try and use a
program to clean your registry such as Regseeker of CCleaner using the
issues menu and using System File Checker to check your system files using
the command sfc /scannow being sure to have your install disk handy. Be sure
you read the information at the Protect Your PC link below from Microsoft so
that you understand basic preventative measures to try and prevent your
problem from coming back again and add to that list that you should NOT be
logged on as an administrator account when doing any routine internet
activity including using chat programs an opening email. --- Steve

"name1111" <name1111@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I had a large virus infection recently(hopefully it's gone now). After MANY
MANY scans with Norton, AVG, and Avast, restarts, etc, the viruses seem to
gone. Norton scan doesn't find any more viruses at this point. Windows
defender didn't even see the viruses at all, microsoft antispyware was a
thousand times better but that's gone now.

Anyway, i managed to unlock task manager again, bring back my desktop, and
turn automatic updates back on. But my computer is still working much
than before. Websites load especially slow. Sometimes it seems like the
computer is doing something and nothing happens. The desktop icons refresh
for no reason sometimes.

Also, there's 2 user names on the computer. On the other user name the
desktop is still set to file://C:windows\desktop.html and is either white
grey-ish, and changes constantly.

Oh, and when i start up 3 errors come up. I can write those down and post
them here if that'll help.

Any idea what i should do?