Re: Cannot access files using backed-up EFS key...

Did you import your EFS private key from a .pfx file and did that work??
Note that taking ownership of files only gives you the ability to change
permissions to them and does not grant you any so you need to make sure you
have full control to the folder/files if you have not done that yet. The
other thing to check is that the thumbprint on the certificate/private key
you imported matches the thumbprint shown needed to access the EFS file. You
can go to the properties/advanced - details to view the thumbprint info for
the EFS file. Use the mmc snapin for certificates for user [that you used to
import the .pfx file] to view the thumbprint of the EFS certificate in your
personal certificate store. --- Steve

"Lutz" <Lutz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I'm sorry, I don't know what happened there...I submitted the post but my
text was left off.

I followed the instructions further down the page as you said, but am
unable to proceed. I am still told "access denied" when trying to access
files, and when trying to decrypt them (by unchecking the option for
encryption) I am told that "an error has occurred applying attributes to
file: [...] The operation completed successfully." The files remain
and unaccessible. As I just wrote above, I have already taken ownership of
the files but forgot to mention it previously.

Is there something I'm missing?

Any other ideas??

"Lutz" wrote:

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

As Doug said you need to have proper permissions to access encrypted
and it would be best just to make sure you have full control
Also you are going about the wrong way to access your EFS files. See
section under "importing keys" and images 15 and 16. Hopefully you have
password protected .pfx file backed up as that is what is needed to
your EFS private key and if so you will be prompted for the password
you attempt to import it. --- Steve