Re: Installing Clean Start Xp

My guess is that something is not compatible on that computer for XP and it
could be a problem with the mainboard. Sometimes if you wait a while it may
work unless you get a no go message right away. If you still can boot into
the old operating system you could try using winnt32 to check for upgrade
compatibility and it may or may not find the problem. I believe that path to
winnt32 is the \i386 folder on the install disk in your cdrom drive. You may
also want to post in the windowsxp.hardware newsgroup. --- Steve

winnt32 /checkupgradeonly : Checks your computer for upgrade compatibility
with Windows XP

"Mara" <Mara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have had help yesterday with this problem and it worked for two computers
that I installed XP pro from clean start, but on one computer when I try
install it will not allow me to pass the license agreement, when I try to
F8 it does nothing please let me know if this is something that I can fix.
The computer now is running on the existing Windows and is slow as a

I thanks in advance to the nice soul that would be able to help.


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