Re: How to prevent users from executing other programs than permitted

First make sure that the users are not also local administrators as local
administrators can work around any restriction you attempt to place on them.
Then you can use NTFS permissions or Software Restriction Policies [XP Pro]
to restrict what users can run on their computer with Software Restriction
Policies being the best solution but the most difficult to implement. A
user/group needs execute permissions to a program application in order to
run the application. The links below will help get you started. --- Steve;en-us;308418 --- Manage
NTFS permissions
--- Software Restriction Policies --- Shared
Computer Toolkit. Another possible option.

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Could any one please describe me:

I am running an organization with 7 to 8 computers, i need to prevent my
employees to execute any program other than that of their mean

please help me out

i'm not a expert