Re: Antivirus deleted synthcore.exe

synthcore.exe is NOT a valid Windows XP system file. If it was on your
computer, it was either placed there during a program installation that you
performed (we have no idea what YOU installed) or it is a malware file, put
there either with your consent or without your consent.

The fact that an antivirus program removed it leads me to believe the latter
is true. The file is now gone, but the total results of the malware being
installed on your computer is still looking for the file (the malware's
"other" components). The file can't be found so a complaint is being


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"HisPowr4U" <HisPowr4U.2afzp3@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

My antivirus program (I use several, not at the same time, but I don't
remember which one did it!) deleted synthcore.exe from my computer
after it identified it as a virus, which it apparently isn't. Now I
tried to access a link from a website I got, and it said synthcore.exe
could not be found. Is there any way to get it back? I tried typing in
"download synthcore.exe" on Google, got no results.