Re: who is messing with my settings

To access any share on the computer the Windows Firewall needs to be enabled
to allow file and print sharing from the IP address of the computer you are
trying to access from. If you are managing Windows Firewall via Group Policy
you need to do that in the domain profile. You also can enable logging for
the Windows Firewall on a computer you are having trouble accessing and the
log will show what traffic is being dropped. The command netsh firewall show
config will show basic Windows Firewall configuration. --- Steve

"alex" <alex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

To check if the company policy is respectd I have to ( from time to time)
connect to users computers (Windows XP Pro SP2). For that I use to connect
hidden shared directory (C$, D$ and so on).
If one week before it worked for all computers now for some reason it does
not. The users have limited account so they could not change the setting.

1) The first step is that the computer does not respond to ping
computer_name or ping computer_ip
2) I had checked in firewall setting windows ( under ICMP) the option
does allow the computer to response to ping. The ping computer_name is
not working
3) Also I can't connect to hidden shares.
4) If I shutdown the firewall all is OK.

It's like for some reason the Windows firewall is messing up.

Can you, please, help me with some advice about waht should I do to
to hidden shares ( whithout shutting the Windows firewall)?
Thank you!


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