Re: Antivirus deleted synthcore.exe

David H. Lipman Wrote:
From: "HisPowr4U" HisPowr4U.2afzp3@xxxxxxxxxxxx

| My antivirus program (I use several, not at the same time, but I
| remember which one did it!) deleted synthcore.exe from my computer
| after it identified it as a virus, which it apparently isn't. Now I
| tried to access a link from a website I got, and it said
| could not be found. Is there any way to get it back? I tried typing
| "download synthcore.exe" on Google, got no results.
| --
| HisPowr4U

Since any malware can be named anything, there is a chance it was

You didn't post the fully qualified name and path to the executable,
what AV software
detected as malware or what malware it was identified as. This leaves
too many questions

So what make YOU think it wasn't malware becuase what you think is
apparent is NOT apparent
to me and I spend many (way too many) hours studying malware.


How am I supposed to post all of that information if I don't KNOW any
of it? I said I don't have any idea which program deleted it and I do
not have synthcore.exe on my computer now, so how can I know its "path"
and "fully qualified name"? I only know it is part of a program called
SoundMax. That is all the information I have. I have ewido Security
Suite and Xoftspy on my computer, I think it was one of those that
deleted synthcore.exe. I looked all over the internet, reading about
synthcore.exe and read that it was not a virus nor malware.