Re: Adding a user account alongside the Administrator account

Aloha Thomas,

You say you have an Administrator account - this may be a dumb question but...were you logged in with that administrator account at the time?

Ben M. Schorr - MVP
Roland Schorr & Tower
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

Hello. Is there a way to get WinXP to recognize that it, in fact,
has an administrative account called 'Administrator' when I try to add
limited account?
When I try to add a limited account, it comes back and says I need to
add an
account with administrative powers first, even though I already have
one. I
even played WinXP's game and added an administrative account by
another name,
but then the 'Administrator' account became hidden.
I would like to simply add a limited account AND keep/have easy access
to the administrative account called 'Administrator'.

Is this possible? If not, what are some workarounds?