Re: Unable to Decrypt Encrypted files

Actually, there are services that will attempt to do this for you, with varying degrees of expense and success. Google for "data recovery services"

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"Kerry Brown" <kerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*a*m> wrote in message news:OWEOU6ZnGHA.2264@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If they were encrypted with efs and you do not have a copy of the keys then
no, there is not a program that will decrypt the files. What would be the
point of encryption if there was?

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Roger Payne wrote:
ok is there a program that will decrypt the files

"Mike Fields" wrote:

"Roger Payne" <rpayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
unfortunately i have done a format and install clean operating
system again(xp)! And i am unable to decrypt my originally
encrypted files for my
seccond HDD. Is there any possible way to decrypt ??? If it does
help I did
a full format on my C:

C: = Windows XP Pro
D: = BAck up drive

i have all updates for windows

If you really mean they were encrypted (using EFS) and
you did not export a key and/or have a backup of the
previous install, you are basically "up the creek sans paddle"
If you mean they were "protected" as in set to read only
for you, then you can take ownership of the files. Windows
2000 used to force you to have a DRA (Designated Recovery
Agent) that could also decrypt files that were EFS
encrypted, however, XP does not force you to do that
and if you re-install XP Pro (even using the same account
names), the keys will be different and without a copy of the
key, there is not much hope of decrypting the files.



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