Re: Domain to workgroup and back

karen wrote:
I thought i could change my work computer to a home computer network - changed to a workgroup and then could not log on - have got in through administrator - but how do i change back to the domain?

By changing the computer from the domain to a workgroup, you've destroyed the trust between the domain and the machine. In doing so, you've also rendered your domain login credentials as invalid. You'll need to be physically connected to the domain network, you'll need to have administrative privileges to the workstation, and you'll need to have sufficient privileges on the domain. Then you can add the machine back on to the domain, after having first deleted the computer's old domain account (unless you've also renamed the computer).

Take the computer to your company's IT department for repairs. I do hope that your employer is of the understanding and forgiving variety. In many companies, your employment could be summarily terminated for altering, and thereby rendering useless, company property.

This isn't entirely your fault, though. A lot of responsibility rests squarely upon the shoulders of the network administrator. You see, if the computer had been properly configured, your account would not have had sufficient privileges to remove the computer from the domain in the first place. Clearly, you lack the requisite knowledge to be properly entitled to full administrative privileges on the computer, or you would have known better than to attempt what you did. You would also have known that removing the computer from the domain and joining your workgroup would not be necessary in order for you to connect the laptop to your home network.


Bruce Chambers

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