Re: Problem Adding a Network Password

I just discovered that MCE won't allow cached credential as well. I
didn't notice for the past year, since I upgraded the first time.
Install MCE 2004 and then install MCE 2005 as an upgrade. Then you will
be able to cache credentials. I hope who ever took this feature out was
fired as this is a great way to have someone look at another media
player. Although I am sure the EU is happy.

Nepatsfan wrote:
In XP Home Edition, the only items I've seen saved there are
related to .NET Passport accounts.

From your original question, it sounds as if you've disabled
Simple File Sharing on your laptop. If you don't want to be
asked to provide credentials every time you try to access
resources on the laptop, you're going to have to create an
account on the laptop which is identical in user name and
password to the account you're using on your Windows XP Home

Good luck


djhampton <djhampton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Begs the question, why is there a Manage my network
passwords Task and associated Stored User Names and
Passwords dialog box?

"Doug Knox MS-MVP" wrote:

XP Home does not cache network logon credentials, if I
recall correctly.

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Smart Display\Security
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"djhampton" <djhampton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
Using XP Home. Problem when I follow this procedure from

"How To Manage Stored User Names and Passwords on a
Computer That Is Not in a Domain in Windows XP: Add an
To manually add a credential: 1. In the Stored User Names
and Passwords dialog box, click Add to open the Logon
Information Properties dialog box."

There is no Add, only Remove and Properties (both greyed
out since there are no entries in the box.

(The reason I am trying to add an entry is to get access
to my XP Pro laptop across my wireless network without
being prompted every time.)


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