Re: XP Crashed - How can I copy my data from the RAID 1 drives?

Glad you are on the track to recovery and a clean install is a great idea after
experiencing the type of problems you have seen seeing knowing you have had
problems with malware. If you have any imaging software such as Ghost now would
be a great time to make a couple image backups of your system partition while
you know it is clean. I usually do a couple such as one with just the operating
system installed with service pack and critical security updates installed and
then another one that includes my core applications.

As far as personal firewalls go I believe that the Windows Firewall does a great
job for its intended purpose. For those that want something more advanced the
free for personal use Zone Alarm is very good. The problem with personal
firewalls is that they can easily become too complex. In any case for any user
with cable/DSL connection I consider an internet router/hardware firewall to be
a must. --- Steve

"Karl in Scottsdale" <KarlinScottsdale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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I think I will be putting RAID 1 to sleep, permanently; and I know I will
actually GET to sleep tonight, unlike last night.

Since I was able to capture all my important data - whew - I decided to
delete the RAID and formatted 1 drive and am now in the middle of 48 Windows
updates! Once I get everything back to normal, or as normal as it can get, I
will format the second drive and use IT solely for data storage - and keep
backing-up to DVD's.

And, yes, the new HD will be going back to FRY's Electronics tomorrow - I'm
going to enjoy a steak with the refund.

This was all a close-call, and I am thankful that I was able to get my data
- goes to show you how important back-ups are. My last one was a month ago!
This computer was near perfect up until about 2-months ago when I started
getting spy ware and malware attacks - ever since then I've been getting
strange behavior and unusual errors - so reformatting and starting over was
in the back of my mind - I was just avoiding the task.

Now my next trick is to find a really good firewall - I had Zone Alarm
before but of course those nuts have a problem getting their software to work
with McAfee. right now Windows firewall is running and I will stay off the
internet until I get something stronger.

Thanks for your help, Steven,


"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

Well that is good news that you were able to access your data. As far as
using RAID1 it might make sense to keep the OS on regular drive and then use
RAID1 for data if you want or don't use RAID at all and maybe even take the
new drive back for a refund. From personal experience I know my son has had
a number of problems with the RAID that is built into some of the
motherboards he has used and I don't use it myself. If I wanted RAID I would
buy an Adaptec RAID controller and use SCSI drives. You might also want to
post on the hardware newsgroup for feedback on hardware configuration. ---

"Karl in Scottsdale" <KarlinScottsdale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:D3E06972-0396-4D74-A25D-BEB5D8EB5D48@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To my utter amazement - this silly computer has restarted and I am typing
this on it.... I feel like I am in the twilight zone!

I deleted the RAID set and know have 2-more drives than I had before (the
raid was partitioned). OF COURSE, the first thing I did was BACK-UP all
data I was cringing about loosing!

I have no clue... none whatsoever! This is the strangest thing I have ever

I believe I am going to start over, now that my data is safeky copied to
DVD's, even though I know this will be a mind boggling task. I was
of using this brand new IDE Drive I purchased today, because I thought I
screwed, and using IT only for the OS and programs, and store data on the
remaing 2 former RAID 1 drives.

I am completely open to suggestions.

Thank you

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

That will initiate an upgrade/repair install. That can often, but not
always, fix problems but if successful will require that you first
your service pack if not included on the install disk, and then all
security updates from Windows Updates when done. An upgrade/repair
will not format the system drive [be sure to NOT accept any option to
format] and should preserve your data and applications. The links below
more info on the repair install. Since you have BART's PE you could also
booting from it and then renaming \WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32\CONFIG\SYSTEM to
system.old and then going to the windows\repair folder and copying the
system file there to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32\CONFIG to see if that helps. If
works you may need to reinstall some applications because they may no
be registered in the registry. Since you first saved the original system
file to system.old you could always restore it if need be and then
the upgrade/repair install.. --- Steve

"Karl in Scottsdale" <KarlinScottsdale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
message news:5C149DD2-357B-4488-8CE0-84553236BDA6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I swapped the RAID drives - and I get this message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the
origial setup CD-RM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start the

I don;t know if I should give this a try?

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

I should have also added that if you have any files encrypted with EFS
unless you have previously exported your EFS certificate and private
a password protected .pfx file that you have access to then the only
will be able to access your EFS files is from the operating system
used to encrypt the files. Also if you find that you are denied access
non encrypted files from another operating system make sure you logon
administrator, take ownership of the folders/files you can not access,
then grant your user account full control to them as described in the
below. --- Steve;en-us;308418;en-us;308421

"Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Are you using RAID1 for the system drives or for just data drives?
is mirroring which protects from hardware failure but not data or
operating system corruption or malware related problems. If you have
hardware problem with one hard drive or controller refer the
of the motherboard for how to proceed when one drive or controller
down. If you disconnected one drive and that did not work try
the one you disconnected and disconnecting the other to see what
You should be able to extract data from your hard drives or at least
functioning one by placing it as a slave/secondary drive to a
with a working operating system that can access NTFS files or try
a BART's PE disk and booting from that.

As far as XP Pre Service Pack 2 you can safely use and install from
install disk. But pre SP2 does not enable the built in firewall by
default. If you are using an internet router to protect your network
should be safe from internet threats but to be sure I would do the
install disconnected from the network and then enable the built in
firewall before connecting back to the network. That will also help
protect your new install if you have other computers on your
course you want to take steps to try and prevent the same problems
over again. Be sure to review the link below on Microsoft basic
advice for home users and the related links to malware and spyware.
important thing to emphasize is that it is really a bad idea to be
onto your computer with an account that is a local administrator
do not need administrator powers particularly for browsing the
using chat programs, and opening email. --- Steve

--- Protect Your PC --- Bart's PE. This should be in
power users toolbox. You can use it to scan your system for malware
edit the registry in addition to everything else it can do.

"Karl in Scottsdale" <KarlinScottsdale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
message news:AA8F01EB-3792-47FA-ABB6-D61CBEDEDFF4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have had XP Pro SP2 running on one computer for a little over a
2-months ago I stared getting spy ware infections. 4-times I spent
the phone with the folks in India.

Intel SE7505VB2
(2) Xeon 2.80 HD's - SATA RAID 1
Ad Aware
Spy Bot
Zone Alarm

Today, everything was fine until I turned off my computer to go
and when I returned the computer would only start in safe mode. Any
to start in normal mode would just cause the computer to restart.

Called MS Tech Support - they had me disconnect one drive and try
the computer - not a good idea! Short story, now I can not get the
to boot even to safe mode - I guess thanks to Bill Gates, I'm

I guess I have to order a new XP SP2 CD, since I have my original
someone said don't even try connecting to the internet until you
all your security software installed on your new HD. Of course all
security software is on the RAID drives.

So, here is the question: Once I get the system running, or how
the system running, so I can connect and copy data from the old

I sure hope someone can help.


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