Re: Windows firewall

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006 21:14:58 -0600, Bruce Chambers
<bchambers@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Redhill4059 wrote:
I am a newcomer to the world of computers, can anyone tell me if I need a
seperate firewall to the windows one? I am running XP SP2 and I have a cable
Thanks for your help

Unless you're an exceedingly cautious and paranoid expert user, and no
one else ever uses your computer, you really should have better protection.

Do You have a background in marketing? ;-)

Please explain how a personal firewall in itself provides good
protection when someone else is using Your machine. And keep our
newcomer in mind.

Ultimately, it is incumbent upon each and every
computer user to learn how to secure his/her own computer.

Finally something we can agree on. We just don't agree on the means.