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Len K wrote:


I was following this thread and was looking for the answer to why the
"Locations" box sometimes only shows the local computer, and sometimes
the domain. One of my many jobs is to take care of a network of about
users on a domain. When I go to set up a shared folder on a computer
and I can't figure out how to add certain domain users when I can only
get the local computer in the "Location"

In your answer, are you suggesting adding a local group containing
domain users, or domain security group?



"Malke" <notreally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Lianne wrote:

I am trying to set permissions to allow specific users from other
computers on the network to access/not access certain folders
within shared documents. Following advice from other posts, I
disabled simplified sharing and then went into the security tab of
the relevant folder's Sharing and Security
area. The top area - Group or user names -- has a place to add
users/groups. One of the buttons is called Locations, which looked
like the place I needed to go, but it only displayed the individual
computer, not the computers on the network (I also tried going to
the Sharing tab and selecting Share this folder and then setting
permissions/locations, but again it only
gave me the choice of users from the individual computer). I would
like to enable only the administrators from each of the network
computers to access
these folders. Any advice would be most welcome.

Create a new user group and put the users you want to have access in
the new group. Don't forget to add yourself. Now you can limit the
permissions on those folders accordingly.

The OP did not tell us whether s/he has a domain or not. Therefore I
gave him/her general information about creating a user group. You
should make a new post with all the pertinent details about your setup
for your question.

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