Re: System Activity Logger

What type of activity? Monitoring all system activity would slow down the
computer considerably and create huge huge log files and not be practical.
Try running filemon and regmon from SysInternals for a few minutes to see
what I mean. If you are using XP Pro you can enable more auditing categories
including process tracking, privilege user, and object access to allow
folders/files to be monitored by permission level but it is best to be
selective about what you audit. Auditing policy can be configured in Local
Security Policy and if you decide to increase logging be sure to increase
the size of the security log quite a bit to like at least 20MB. --- Steve;en-us;300549 --- applies
to XP Pro also;en-us;301640

"Mihai Popescu" <m_pop_escu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've found on the net several freeware/shareware programs which can track
down all system activity (including network).

I wonder if there is someting similar in Windows XP; a service and a UI
like Event Viewer, to log all system activity, even when the computer is

If there is such service, how can I configure it, or start it ? It could
create a log file somewhere? Is that information encrypted or password