Re: disabling private folder option from my documents on external

I suggest you post in an Outlook newsgroup for the best way to proceed. I am
almost certain it can be done but I am familiar with Outlook Express. ---

"roland hellel" <rolandhellel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Many thanks Steven. I have 1 more problem though...I have a lot of emails
contatcs in outlook 2003 on the external harddisk, what software can i use
extract them? Many thanks again. Roland

"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

Sure. Logon as administrator and change permissions to what you want it
be. If you can not do that you will first need to take ownership of those
folders being sure to select the option to replace owner on subcontainers
and objects. The owner of a folder/file can change permissions even if
currently have no permissions. The links below explain more on how to
ownership and change permissions. --- Steve;en-us;308421;en-us;308418

"roland hellel" <roland hellel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
I have an external harddisk that has windowsxp media center 2002
it and has the My Documents folder set to Private. My PC has installed
windows xp home edition. Is there any way that i break through the
on the external harddisk to retrieve my documents? Any sort of help
greatly appreciated.


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