Re: hyperterm

My guess is that with Windows 2003 Server is that the assumption is that the
other computers in the network/domain will be XP Pro and Remote Desktop will
be used to make sure that the traffic for the session is encrypted unlike
using a terminal program where it is all in clear text which yes can be a
security risk if data is sensitive. I am not positive and have not used
HyperTerminal or any terminal program in a long time but I believe any
passwords entered could also be in clear text. If possible the use of ipsec
would mitigate any such risk. Windows 2000, XP Pro, and Windows 2003 are all
ipsec capable. XP Home is also ipsec capable but policies can be configured
only through the unfriendly command line tool for ipsec. --- Steve

"gs" <gs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
what is the risk of having and using hyperterm?
I notice it is on every XP pc but no longer present in w2k3