Re: User Accounts 'DLL initialization routine failed'

I don't know exacty what has happneded though you could try System File
Checker as in sfc /scannow and if that does not help a repair installation
to try and fix the problem or live with it and try using Local Security
Policy to make your change by going to local policies/security options and
setting the security option for interactive logon: require control-alt-del
and set it to be enabled. --- Steve

"Matt" <Matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm using XP Pro and trying to change the logon/logoff options for
users. I don't want it to bring up the welcome screen for my users, I'd
rather use the 'classic' prompt. So I went to control panel > uesr
and under 'pick a task' I chose the last option, 'Change the way users log
or off.' When I do this is says, 'A dynaminc link library (DLL)
initialization routine failed.' I hit OK and both options (use welcome
and use fast user switching) were unchecked, although both features are
active. I tried checking the boxes and repeating, only to find the same
and the options cleared. Then I made a new account and tried the same
procedure, only to have the same results. Am I missing a DLL, or is one
broken? What utility might I use to repair this problem?