Re: xp sp2 firewall issues

My guess would be that either the computers in question are not in the scope
of influence of the GPO or the GPO is not propagating to those computers for
some reason. I would start out by running rsop.msc on those computers to see
what is reported, making sure that they are in the scope of influence of the
GPO, checking their application logs for errors indication Group Policy is
not being applied or refreshed such as those for userenv, verifying they are
correctly configured for DNS pointing only to domain controllers for DNS -
never an ISP DNS server, verifying they can ping domain controllers by name
and IP address, and running the support tool netdiag on a couple of them
looking for any issues for DNS, dc discovery, Kerberos, domain membership,
or trust/secure channel. --- Steve

"Wayne" <waynelewis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm enforcing the enableing of the ics firewall in xp sp2 via GPOs and
adding exceptions to specific applications also via GPO. However, some
workstations are not getting these settings (also, it seems like the
ones not getting the settings also don't get the IE proxy settings from
the GPO as well). Anyone know what might be causing this?