Re: can you monitor a guest account?

You can check the security log using Event Viewer to see when a user logs
onto and off of the computer via logon events. It is more difficult to
monitor what programs he access and internet activity. Event though much of
that can be done in XP Pro you would probably be best off using a program
like CyberSitter to manage such. Most internet routers and software
firewalls will also log at least some activity which can give you and idea
of what is being done on the internet. --- Steve

"Next Stop CSU" <NextStopCSU@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a roommate who uses my computer on my guest account. I let him use
asking him to keep his time under two hours. I am positive he is abusing
priviledges and was wondering if there is any way to monitor his time on
account, what programs he accesses and his internet activity? Thanks.