Re: deleted user remains

Well it sounds like something went wrong. Normally files in a user's profile
under documents and settings are available only to the user and maybe users
in the administrators group which may be what is happening in your case if
the users that can access are local administrators. EFS encrypted files by
default would only be able to be decrypted by the user that encrypted the
files though he could have "shared" the ability for others to decrypt the
files if they had needed NTFS permissions to the files. Anyhow if you no
longer want the files then logon as an administrator and delete them. On a
shared computer I suggest that you use cipher /w:c\ [assuming files are on C
drive] afterwards to make sure the files are not recoverable if they have
information you do not want others to see especially if other users are in
the local administrators group. --- Steve

"Security Help" <Security Help@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a shared computer that i set up accounts for users on.

I set up an account for a new user, that was encrypted, and restriced from
other users.

When i deleted that accout a month later, (hitting "delete files" when
the option), the files remained.

All of the deleted files temp internet files and cookies became files
available for every user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!