Re: Password protecting/encrypting files & folders

It might help to know that all the files I want to protect are on the D:
partition (also NTFS), so using the "crazy" option to completly hide that
drive on the guest acount would be OK.
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Matt Modica wrote:

Is it possible to password protect or encrypt folders? I am trying to
prevent someone logged on as a guest to view certain files on the D:
drive. I have Windows XP home and have the NTFS file system. I tried
the program in this thread, but it
failed to install. I heard there is a file/folder encryption built
into Windows, but haven't figgured it out. Any suggestions?

Do not use the Guest account. Create a "Visitors" account and lock it
down as desired with the Group Policy Editor. Put the files in a
folder and set permissions for access to the users/groups you want.

For questions about using Group Policy, post here:

How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and
folders in Windows XP -;en-us;308419


Sorry for the double-post - I misread your question and thought you had
XP Pro and you don't. You won't have the Group Policy Editor in XP
Home. You still should not be using the Guest Account. Make the
"Visitor" account instead. There is a rather complicated and
unsupported way to be able to adjust permissions on XP Home (from MVP
Steve Winograd). If you are feeling wild and crazy, let me know and
I'll post the information - which I've never tried.

What would probably work better for you is to put the files you want to
keep private in a zip file and password-protect the zip archive. When
you do (right click a folder, then "send to > compressed folder") and
then open the zip file, you will find an option under file>"add a
password". Otherwise, use third-party software. Google "password
protect folders".

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