Re: How to determine TCP/IP pack source IP spoofing?

Maybe I don't have a concern -- if the packet is external and spoofed the
source can NOT obtain a return -- is that correct? So the incoming packet
would have to hit an valid listener that would then process the packet and
do XYZ (assuming the valid listener is capable of doing XYZ) -- assume no
"invalid listeners" on the destination.

Does this sound correct?

I assume most attackers gain control of a drone/PC (say GWB) then do the
attacking from that machine so no spoofing is used. Spoofing is used only
when delivery of the controlling payload to GWB PC?

I guess my thought pattern here is that detection of spoofed packets is a
good indicator that a target has been selected (the GWB PC). Once the
target is identified it can be relatively easy have that target track the
remote attacker? I guess you might say I'm working on a bait and trap
project or at the very least bait and identify (since most remote attacks
seem to come from outside the US) before the drone can even start other

This might be a very handy tool for $50,000 prize entry for Vista. With
Vista (in theory) one could setup a "Bait" session just waiting for the
hacker to deliver their payload -- once the hacker establishes his "virtual
drone" connection, then my service can start the monitoring and
identification process and/or even reverse attack (depending on the length
of drones nodes used).

Just a thought.


"Steven L Umbach" <n9rou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I don't know of a good way unless you know that the packet came from
outside of the network and it has a source IP from inside the network. Most
if not all current routers should drop such traffic in default
configuration. What specific security risk are you concerned about as there
usually is a way to mitigate the risk. --- Steve

"Rob R. Ainscough" <robains@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Is there any way to determine if a packet is using a spoofed IP source

Thanks, Rob.


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