Re: Modification of Passfilt.dll

Try posting in one of the SDK newsgroups such as the one for security. It is
out of my area of expertise but I really have to wonder however on why there
is a need to do such and those in the know usually strongly discourage using
a custom passfilt.dll unless it is part of a third party program that has a
track record of working well. Is it really that hard for a user to come up
with a password that users three of the four possibilities which
substantially increases the strength of the password? I know it is probably
not your doing but I really would be concerned about having an employee or
computer users that is not capable of dealing with a password that meets
complexity requirements. --- Steve

"rasmsn3" <rasmsn3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I need to modify the passfilt.dll. I just need to relax the default
to only require numeric and alpha characters within the password instead
of 3
of the 4 character types. I have researched this and downloaded the
sdk for windows 2003 server. I made modifications to the source in the
and when I try to use nmake to compile it tells me that this will only
on winnt. Please help.


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