Re: WinXP TCP/IP connection logging?

Microsoft has a cool tool called Port Reporter that installs as a service
that you may want to take a look at and you can use Port Reporter Parser
tool with it. I also like Ethereal and you can easily configure capture
filters to try and narrow down what traffic is logged though that is not a
built in or Microsoft tool. Also check out some of the free tools from
Foundstone such as the ones shown for intrusion detection tools such as
Attacker. --- Steve;en-us;837243

"Rob R. Ainscough" <robains@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm wondering if there is anything built into WinXP to log attempted
communications via TCP/IP on any port? I know the Firewall can log
successful connections, but it doesn't show much more than that. I'd like
to see a log of any IP that is communicating or attempting to communicate
with my WinXP PC -- something similar to what IIS can do when logging IP
source and file requests.

I suppose I could probably code my own utility/service, but I was just
curious if something already existed. Any third party tools that do this?

Thanks, Rob.